29 Months of Fights along The Soča

On the 30th anniversary of the Kobarid Museum we have decided to set up the occasional exhibition in a different way. The past exhibitions presented personal stories of soldiers from either side of the front line, whereas this exhibition presents the chronology of events on the Isonzo Front.

The exhibition offers a concise overview of events along the entire length of the Isonzo Front, from Mt. Rombon to the Adriatic Sea. It also presents the events that led to the First World War and within it to the opening of the Isonzo Front. Presented is the process in which the pre-war alliances and diplomatic games turned the local conflict into a world massacre. As if the First World War alone was not enough, the post-war politics also failed completely. Instead of ending all wars, the First World War set up the foundations of 20th-century wars due to the incompetence of politics and short-sightedness of its decisions, and in a way we still feel its consequences today.

The exhibition invites the visitor to reflect on the absurdity of war, and the events presented, combined with all the conflicts of the 20th and 21st centuries, call into question the thesis that history is the teacher of life.