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Martin-ŠolarDear visitors to the Kobarid Museum,

Due to its beauty and charm, the valley of the emerald-green Soča River, deeply cut in between steep mountain slopes, is breath-taking and enthralling. The upper part of the Soča Valley is also known as the location of the Isonzo Front – the site of one of the biggest mountain battlefields in the history of mankind.

In Kobarid – in our Kobarid Museum – visitors can in a special way experience the time of a hundred years ago when war was raging in the area. Our Museum is known for presenting with great subtlety the places, events and people that left a mark on the Isonzo Front, by means of personal narratives of the Isonzo Front protagonists, those from the famous Twelfth Isonzo Battle in particular.

With its exhibitions and narratives the Kobarid Museum communicates a clear message that war is crime and madness which ultimately just claims victims.

Like the Soča Valley itself, the Kobarid Museum is amazing too. It is indeed worth seeing. Welcome every day!

Martin Šolar, MA, director of the Kobarid Museum


Kobariški muzej d.o.o.
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