50 000th visitor of The Kobarid Museum in 2018

date: 19.09.2018

category: Events and news

Visit to The Kobarid Museum in 2018 has reached record numbers. In the exceptional summer season in which the visitors of the museum are in majority individual guests, we reached a record of the visit of the museum in the last decade. In August, 11 202 visitors visited the museum.

In autumn, visitors of the museum are mainly organized tourist groups. Museum gives them guided tours of the museum, which are free of charge if a group has booked the visit in advance. Visitors of the museum say that alongside authentic guiding through the museum by local guides this is one of the main advantages of the museum.

On Wednesday, 19. 9. 2018, we reached 50 000th visitor of the museum in this year. Mr. Jože Marn visited the museum with his wife Anita from Toronto, Canada. They are both descendants of Slovenian emigrants to Canada and their Slovenian roots are from Vevče near Ljubljana and Knežak. Museum's staff prepared them a present, a book written by Marko Simić - "Po sledeh soške fronte". Visitors were touched by the present and attention from the museum’s staff.