28th Birthday of the Kobarid Museum

date: 22.10.2018

category: Events and news

We prepared the traditional event The Day of the Kobarid Museum on 20 October 2018 on the same day as the opening of the museum in 1990.

Speeches were held by the major of the Kobarid community Robert Kavčič, the director of the museum Martin Šolar and keynote speaker dr. Petra Svoljšak who exposed the importance of the museum’s work in protecting and maintaining the heritage of the Great War and museum’s mission of peace which is presented through the personal stories of protagonists of the Soča front.

After four years of pause, we have given the honorary membership of the museum to writer and publicist Paolo Rumiz for his contribution to development and promotion of the museum.

The biggest gift to the museum is a new temporary exhibition “Neighbour’s story – Josep Pailer soldier and chronicler”. The author of the exhibition is long time curator of the Kobarid Museum Željko Cimprič. More about the exhibition.

The visit of the Hungarian president Janos Ader and Slovenian president Borut Pahor

Hungarian and Slovenian president visited the Kobarid Museum on Saturday. The director of the museum Martin Šolar greeted them and curator Boštjan Lužnik guided them through the museum. Hungarian guest showed great interest for the museum’s collection and history of combats on the Soča front where many Hungarian soldiers fought. Hungarian president thanked the museum for the preservation and maintenance of the heritage of the Great War and wrote his thoughts in the book of honorary guests of the museum at the end of the visit.