Museum receives sign Slovenia Unique Experiences

date: 11.01.2019

category: Events and news


The Kobarid Museum has applied to call of Slovenian Tourist Board for the quality sign of five star experiences with the new touristic product The Story of a Soldier from the Isonzo Front, which was prepared in cooperation with The Walk of Peace and Mlekarna Planika from Kobarid. There were 17 applicants in the first call and 9 received the new sign of touristic experiences – Slovenia Unique Experiences. Amongst them, The Story of a Soldier from the Isonzo Front is the only one from the area of the Upper Isonzo Valley and the region of Julian Alps. You can read more about the sign in this press release (in Slovenian only).  

The Kobarid Museum will start with the implementation of The Story of a Soldier from the Isonzo Front from May 2019 on. The experience has a unique local identity, and extraordinary authentic story, which unifies elements of culture, heritage of the Great War and local gastronomy on the very intimate and sensitive level. It consists of guided tour of The Kobarid Museum, the outdoor museum on Kolovrat and museum of cheese in Mlekarna Planika with traditional shepherd’s meal. It is tailored for smaller groups and the guide guides visitors through the museum and heritage of the former battlefields where more than ten nations fought during the Great War. The message of the narration is what war is and why we must not fight ever again.

The call’s reviewers wrote in the explanation: “It is a goal oriented experience, which speaks to precious segment of researches of historical memory who want to understand the identity of the region, its story and especially human background of the Great War that changed the world and life in our region. Moreover, it speaks to the descendants of those who lost their lives in this region to search for roots of their identity. Latter creates an incredible touristic experience. Additional value of the experience is in unobtrusive union of heritage tourism with thousand years old tradition of making of cheese in the mountain pastures. With that culture opens rich culinary tradition of the region in the subtle way.”

The sign Slovenia Unique Experiences is an important recognition and responsibility to preserve high quality service, which is developed in partnership with other institutions in Kobarid. At the same time, it has an important promotional importance for The Kobarid Museum.     

The Kobarid museum will be carrying out this unique and exclusive experience together in partnership with The Walk of Peace and Mlekarna Planika once per week from May to October.