50.000th visitor in 2019

date: 09.10.2019

category: Events and news

As usual, the high visitor’s season in The Kobarid Museum is ending in October. At the same time, we are preparing for the traditional autumn events that are connected to the memory of the founding of the museum, 12. Isonzo offensive and the end of the Great War.

Meanwhile in the year of 2019, the remembrance of the centenary of the Great War is over, spirit of the Isonzo front, inexorable battles and suffering of the soldiers in the mountain Krn area range remain as silent memory to the events. Many visitors visit The Kobarid Museum, which is one of the largest collection of the heritage of the Great War in Slovenia and surroundings. In 2018, 65.500 visitors visited the museum. The number of visitors was smaller in the springtime this year, but in summer and autumn, the visit of the museum grew back. Until the beginning of October, the museum visited more than 50.000 visitors. Especially visit in August was very good.

On Saturday 5 October 2019, 50.000th visitor of the museum visited the museum in 2019. The Russian family who temporarily lives in Ljubljana was greeted by the museum’s director Martin Šolar. He surprised the family with a small gift – the book Po sledeh soške fronte and a calendar of the museum for the following year 2020.