Travelling exhibition in Sarajevo

date: 16.11.2019

category: Events and news

The Kobarid Museum hosts an exhibition “The Great War in Mountain Krn Area Range” in Sarajevo

The Kobarid Museum in cooperation with Slovenian embassy in Bosnia and Hercegovina and city of Sarajevo had open the temporary exhibition “The Great War in Mountain Krn Area Range” on 14 November 2019 in Vijećnica in Sarajevo. For this occasion, the exhibition was complemented with the content of Bosnian troops on The Isonzo front. The exhibition has been hosted in different European cities in the last 15 years for 40 times already. Now it came also to Sarajevo, which is connected with the town of Kobarid with some key moments of the Great War.

The Embassy of Republic of Slovenia and the Ministry of Culture of Slovenia supported the opening and hosting of the exhibition. Slovenian ambassador Zorica Bukinac opened the exhibition and prepared a reception at the embassy. The opening ceremony of the exhibition in Vijećnica, which was built at the end of 19th century and restored after the last wars at the end of 20th century, attended around 150 visitors. Martin Šolar, director of the museum, gave a speech beside the Slovenian Ambassador at the opening in which he emphasized the importance of cooperation between Sarajevo and Kobarid on topic of the Great War, presented the museums’ work and the temporary exhibition. The city of Sarajevo, Slovenian association Cankar Sarajevo, choir Camerata Slovenica and Zehrudin Isaković, the author of Al Jazzera Balkans’ documentary series “The Isonzo Front – 100 years later”, prepared the cultural part of the opening ceremony.

The exhibition will be opened until 23 November 2019.