Minister of Culture visited the museum

date: 22.01.2020

category: Events and news

Slovenian Minister of Culture Zoran Poznič visited The Kobarid Museum on 21 January 2020. The visit of the museum was a part of the visit of cultural institutions in the Upper Soča Valley.

In the first part of the visit the minister met in Tolmin with mayors of the communities Tolmin, Kobarid and Bovec, representatives of the cultural institutions in the Upper Soča Valley and representatives of the Slovenian minority in Italy. Minister presented his view of development of the activities under his jurisdiction and acquainted himself with the work of the cultural organizations, which attended the meeting. He praised the work of The Kobarid Museum and remarked that the work of cultural institutions in the marginal and rural areas of Slovenia is in some cases batter than in the centre of Slovenia or Ljubljana.

In the second part, minister visited The Kobarid Museum. He listened to the short summary of 30 years of work of the museum with interest. The visit continued with the projection of digital animation of the 12th Isonzo battle and concluded with signing in the book of honorary guests of the museum. In conclusion, he emphasized the importance of the museum as a case of success and good practice and confirmed that The Kobarid Museum is a trademark around which the tourism in Kobarid could be developed.

He concluded the visit in the Upper Soča Valley with the presentation of activities of “The Walk of Peace” and ideas for continuation of the excavations on the archaeological site “Tonocov grad” near Kobarid.