Message from the director of the museum

date: 03.04.2020

category: Events and news

Dear visitors and friends of The Kobarid Museum!

In The Kobarid Museum we entered 30th jubilee year full of ideas and plans how we will celebrate our anniversary together with you. It would not be just 30th jubilee year of systemic preservation of the heritage of the Isonzo front, but we would commemorate all the battles along the Isonzo River that happened in 29 months during the Great War.

Many visitors in the museum in the beginning of the year, encouraging predictions and a great deal of events were planned for the 30th jubilee of the museum and 20th jubilee of The Walk of Peace. Everything abruptly stopped over night with alarm state in Italy over some unknown disease, cancellations of the visits, emergence of the disease in Slovenia and closure of the museum!

It is the end of the first month of the pandemic of disease SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) in Slovenia and simultaneously the first month of the closure of the museum. In the 30 years of the museum we do not remember such an event that museum would be closed for such a long time. Museum was open all days in the year, always at disposal to our dear visitors. After encouraging start of the year, we prepared our museum for the new season. Now it waits as a Sleeping Beauty for the pandemic to pass and opens again for visitors. This year will be definitely a different year, but do not worry, our path is clear. We will not forget on the 30th anniversary, events, exhibitions and our plans. I believe that we will know how to cherish smaller results and be in service to all of our visitors.

You may know that our museum is known for our specific way of narrating the story of the Isonzo front and well-known 12. Isonzo battle through the eyes of the soldiers. Now we do not have many options to present the museum through digital media, but we also believe that you will return and experience the time alongside Isonzo 100 years ago in the museum with us. The ones who are especially interested in the theme of the museum, we invite you to search through and view some links attached below.

We look further, our plans and our path is clear and daring. We are in the time when we contemplate on future, which could be different, but still beautiful and full of rich experience and insights about the Isonzo front. We will support it with exhibitions and authentic narration of our guides to you, our dear visitors.

In the meantime, it is our responsibility that with our actions we contribute to slower spread and stop of the pandemic in the near future. We believe that our healthcare system will be able to take care of severely sick and save as much lives as possible. We have to take the situation seriously. Every one of us is too much valuable that we would allow them to infect because of our negligence. At the same time, we have to be aware that we never know what waits for us as it is normally in life. Each life is precious and we care because we are people.

mag. Martin Šolar, director of The Kobarid Museum

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