30 years of preservation of heritage

date: 05.05.2020

category: Events and news

30 years of memory to the preservation of Great War heritage in Kobarid

From 1990 on The Kobarid Museum is a centre point of presentation of the Great War heritage in Slovenia. Museum received Council of Europe Museum Prize, hosted several exhibitions in European cities and museum’s permanent exhibition is an important touristic attraction, which has an average of 60.000 visitors per year. Based on 10-years of successful museum’s work in 2000 the Institution the Walk of Peace was founded, which has a goal to protect and preserve immovable heritage of the Isonzo front as well as with the goal of connecting the traces of the Great War in Slovenia. Both partner institutions have many plans for the jubilee year, but the spread of the virus COVID-19 partly stopped or displaced them.

Gradually, life in Kobarid and The Isonzo Valley is coming back to normal. The reopening of the museum on 1 May 2020 was a symbolic act of public life gradually coming back to normal and restart of the tourism after the pandemic. Museum and The Institution of Walk of Peace prepared new street exhibition on Gregorčičeva Street in Kobarid, hanged a new poster on the institution’s building and mount new boards with the jubilee logo on the side of the main roads to Kobarid.

Spring season usually full of visitors groups from Italy and Slovenia is in this year unfortunately lost. Museum still counts on the summer season, on the reopened borders and visitors from Slovenia, neighbour Italian provinces and other European countries.

Welcome to Kobarid, to the Kobarid Museum and on the Walk of Peace!