Visit Kozjak waterfall and get a discount for the visit of the museum

date: 10.07.2020

category: Events and news

Kozjak waterfall and The Kobarid Museum are the most visited attractions in Kobarid. The Community of Kobarid who is administrating the visitor’s office at the Kozjak waterfall and the Kobarid Museum reached an agreement for cooperation. Visitors get a memorial entrance ticket.

The Kobarid Museum offers the visitors of Kozjak waterfall a special discount. Every visitor of the museum who will show a stamped memorial entrance ticket to the waterfall will get a discount on the price of the entrance to the museum. The discounted prices of the entrance to the museum are:

Adults: 6,00 €
Students and seniors: 4,50 €
School children: 2,50 €

Discount is valid for the single visit and for individual entrance tickets to the museum. For the family entrance ticket to the museum discount is not valid.

Welcome to visit The Kobarid Museum and Kozjak waterfall!