Joint offer of three Isonzo front heritage monuments

date: 19.02.2021

category: Events and news

Re-opening of the museums brings an important novelty on The Walk of Peace. Three points of interest The Kobarid Museum, Sabotin Peaceful Place and Monument of Peace and Observation point in Cerje joined in promotional action. In collaboration with The Walk of Peace, we united in preservation and presentation of the cultural heritage of the Isonzo front.

All three museums in their unique way present the story of the events between May 1915 and October 1917 on the front and in the rear of the Isonzo front. We are taking care of preservation and presentation of the heritage of these tragic events. We are paying the respect to the men of merit for our freedom, which we benefit it today as masters of our own land. Through our story, we carry on the message of absurdity of war and contribute to the prevention of repetition of the horrible events, which marked this land forever.

From 20 February 2021 on, we offer the travellers on The Walk of Peace a discounted price for the visit of the three museums. This is our modest contribution to our visitors, who will get the chance better understanding these horrible events, causes and consequences of the Great War for our land, when visiting all three institutions. Visitors who will buy the entrance ticket in one of the three museums are authorized to up to 20 % discount in the other two museums.

Statement from the director of The Kobarid Museum Martin Šolar:
"The Kobarid Museum with its own exhibitions and narration gives clear message of crimes and insanity of the war, where victims are the only result. We are glad that not only in Kobarid, but also alongside The Walk of Peace commences a connected story of importance of the preservation and presentation of the heritage of the Great War on the Slovenian soil. This story is not only preservation of the memory, but also more and more important part of the touristic offer of the Upper Soča Valley, Goriška region and Karst. Together we are more recognized and our visitors richer for the complete experience of the Isonzo front remembrance."