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Outdoor museum Kolovrat

During the First World War, the Italian Army built a system of the third line of defence on the Kolovrat ridge. There is an outdoor museum on this site today, located on the so-called ‘height 1114’. Restored were the command and observation posts, machine gun and artillery positions, caves and a network of trenches. When visiting the museum, one can admire the panoramas of the Soča valley, Mts. Krn with Batognica and Mrzli vrh, Slavia Veneta and Friuli-Giulia. In fine weather, the entire area of the Isonzo Front, all the way to the Adriatic Sea, can be seen from the vantage point.

Duration: 2 hours

Access to the starting point is possible by car or bus, then we continue on foot.

Guided tours are done in Slovenian, Italian, English, German and Croatian.

The price list available at.

Advance notice required for a guided tour. To make a reservation, contact us at:  or  00386 41 714 072.