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Book presentation: Theo Toebosch - Kobarid


At the end of October, we will start with a series of traditional events – museum evenings. The first evening will be on Friday, 27. 10. 2023. At 18.00 we will host a Dutch author Theo Toebosch, who was charmed by Kobarid and his history. After many returns to Kobarid, encounters with locals and discovering local history has written a book, entitled Kobarid.

Author about the book: “Hidden between the foothills of the Julian Alps, on a fast-flowing emerald green river, lies Kobarid.The Slovenian village on the Italian border with barely eleven hundred inhabitants has not only experienced many border changes and changes of power over the past two centuries, but also natural disasters, two world wars, and a war of independence.The Great History has also visited the place in the form of an unprecedented number of famous persons.Emperor Franz Joseph, Duce Benito Mussolini, Marshal Tito and writer Ernest Hemingway are some of the celebrities linked to Kobarid's history. The question is what the residents have done with all this history.Because how much history can a person, can a place have? Theo Toebosch, who became fascinated after a chance first visit, paints a vivid picture of a place that has searched for its own identity in the focal point of an ever-changing Europe.”